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Sun Inspirational Emails

Choose from a selection of free daily or weekly emails in English or Spanish. Choose to have pictures and color included in emails...or you may choose text only, which is helpful for portable devices, cell phones, etc.

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Flowers Internet Home Pages

Design your own free inspirational homepage to use with internet browsing. Choose from our selection of free inspirational collections. You might want to set the page as your internet homepage, or choose instead to bookmark the page.

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Sunset NEW! Daily Bread

The new free "Daily Bread" email starts out with a short email from the Book of Proverbs. Over the year you will read the entire Book of Proverbs, one day at a time. Plus, the email has a link to our site with a menu of many other reading options for that day.

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  More Information on Available Emails in English:

>> Daily Bread (NEW) - This daily email begins with a short passage from the Book of Proverbs. At the bottom of each email, it has a link to our internet site containing a host of options for daily readings in a variety of different languages, including sign language for the deaf.

>> ThoughtForDay - This daily email offers three sections of inspirational and educational thoughts from scripture, including links to various online resources.

>> ThoughtForWeek - This weekly email is offers a weekly look at some key Bible passages and includes a quiz and links to various online resources.

>> New Testament in a Year - This daily email starts at the beginning of the New Testament (Matthew chapter 1) on January 1st.  By the end of the year, you end up at the end of the New Testament (at the end of the Book of Revelation).  Start today on this daily email to read the entire New Testament in a year.  This email also includes and online link so that you can also read the entire Old Testament in a year each day.

Other daily or weekly emails are available or may be added later.