Daily Bible Reading - Day 2 of 365 - God separates the water with air

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Today we'll learn what God created on the second day of creation. 

Here is the verse to be read today...Genesis 1:6-8:

6Then God said, “Let there be air* to separate the water into two parts!” 7So God made the air and separated the water. Some of the water was above the air, and some of the water was below the air. 8God named the air “sky.” There was evening, and then there was morning. This was the second day.  

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  • Start with a prayer asking God to give you wisdom to better understand the reading for the day and for wisdom in communicating this in your own words to your children, friends or others.
  • If you're reading with children, don't worry that the concept may be over their head or that they may not fully understand.  Whether you're reading to your unborn child, an infant or an older child, through repetition and consistency, they'll at some point know that you love God...and that you love them by sharing God's word with them.
  • Read the verse aloud.  Talk about what you learned from reading this verse.

We hope you have a blessed day!

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