Day 30 of 365 - Bring together all the people including the little children to hear the teachings of the Lord.

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In Deuteronomy 31:12-13, Moses says:

12Bring together all the people—the men, the women, the little children, and the foreigners living in your cities. They will hear the Teachings, and they will learn to respect the Lord your God. Then they will be able to do all the things in the Teachings. 13If their descendants* don’t know the Teachings, then they will hear them. And they will learn to respect the Lord your God. They will respect him as long as you live in your country. You will soon go across the Jordan River and take that land to be your own.”

descendants A person’s children and their future families.

Note: This is right before the time when Joshua would lead the Children of Israel into the promised land. Although Moses would not enter the promised land, he wanted to make sure that all the people, including the little children, heard and understood the Lord's teachings.

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