Bible Cards & Bookmarks - Bible Study For Teens And Adults - Complete Set

Bible Study for Teens and Adults - Complete Set

  • $9.95

Bible Study For Teens Complete Christian Gift Set

Are you looking for the perfect Christian gifts for teens? This Bible Study for Teens and Adults complete set is a simple way to stay on track with your Bible reading plan. This is a package of 21 bookmark-sized cards for teens and adults to begin a study of the foundational principles of the Bible including a plan for daily Bible reading to read the entire Bible in a year. (Made in the USA)

For less than ten dollars, these Bible study tools can be yours, or the perfect gift for your teen. If you have friends or loved ones that are struggling to get their teen to be accountable for their Bible reading, this is a simple solution that parents can use to track their teen’s progress. This is just one of the many resources we have for Christians to keep up with their Bible studies. We also sell notepads that make keeping up with lessons and group discussions much simpler.

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