Recipe for Prayer Index Card Kit

  • $9.85

This Recipe For Prayer Kit includes: 1) 10 Recipe For Prayer Index Card Prayer Sleeves, and 2) 10 Lord's Prayer Recipe Cards (3"x5").

  • Made in the USA by eThought. This is a set of 10 Plastic Recipe Cards (3" wide and 5" tall) with the Bible verse commonly referred to as The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9-13 on the front side, and Jesus' instructions for prayer from Matthew 6:1-8 on the reverse side.
  • Package includes a total of 20 items (10 plastic cards and 10 sleeves for the cards).
  • The Recipe for Prayer sleeve has two sided tape on the reverse side so you can affix the sleeve to a book, flat surface, etc.
  • Use the Recipe for Prayer sleeve for holding the plastic card and or other 3" x 5" recipes.