The Word (Jesus) Became Flesh - Box of 10 Cards and 10 Envelopes

  • $4.95

Looking For The Perfect Biblical Gift Card and Envelope Set?

This 10-pack of Christian gift cards and envelopes can be a great way to reach out to friends and loved ones. Not only are these cards beautifully designed and carry an enlightening message, but they offer a more personal way to let people know you are thinking about them. These Bible card and envelope set is perfect for Christmas, Baptism celebrations, anniversaries, condolence cards, and other types of occasions.

We also have a complete line of Christian products, including easy to read Bibles, clothing, home décor, and more. We believe that the more we find ways to integrate our Christian message into our daily lives, the more opportunities we will have to spread God’s love. That’s why we sell water bottles, t-shirts, and cool wooden signs with unique sayings.

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