Bible Cards & Bookmarks - Love - Pack Of 25 Cards

Love - Pack of 25 Cards

  • $9.85

What Does The Bible Say About Love?

This package of 25 bookmark sized cards explore the Bible definitions and instructions related to love. These cards can be used in many ways, including encouragement for yourself or others, bible verse memorization, bookmarks, gifts, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School (VBS), bible classes or group study, prison ministries or other ministries, and more.

Bookmark Bible Verse Cards That Give the Gift of God

Do you want an affordable set of Christian gift cards that you can hand out to loved ones, or use as bookmarks in your Bible and other texts? This “Love” 25-pack of bookmarks is a very affordable way to have small tokens of God’s love to hand out to people who will enjoy them. It can also be handy to have a large pack of bookmarks around to supplement your Bible reading plan. These simple Christian gifts can be just as useful – and maybe more so than newly developed technologies for keeping up with your Bible studies.

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The answer isn’t really complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple: We are Christians who want to inspire everyone we can to turn their life over to Jesus. Our goal is to align our personal and professional lives in a Christian direction, because it’s our best way to always stay tuned in to our beliefs.

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