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We don't sell, rent or give your email address or other information to anyone other than the technology partners we use for our shopping cart and email services. 

If you would like to subscribe to any of our free inspirational emails, you can subscribe by clicking here.  If you don't subscribe, we wont send you any emails, except specific emails about your order and occasionally we will send out coupons or information about updates to our site (if you don't want any coupons or updates, you can contact us and we will make sure they don't get sent).  Many of our customers like coupons and updates, but we certainly understand if you would rather not receive them.

You can rest assured that eThought will never, ever share your information on any "spam" level with anybody.

  • Your address is used to verify your payment method, and used for shipment information only.
  • Your phone number is used only on rare occasions to verify payment method, and for us to contact you only in case of a problem with your order (although 99.9% of the time we will send an email if their is an issue with your order).
  • Your email address is used to confirm your order status and provide tracking information.  As noted above you will receive an invoice/order confirmation after you checkout.  You should also receive another email when your order is shipped.  The only other emails you may receive are occasional coupons or site update messages (see information above to opt-out of all emails).

We do not call you on the phone because you placed an order.  There are no sales calls or solicitations... ever!

If you decide to joining our free inspirational emails (go to to subscribe) you agree to receive periodic yet meaningful email contacts from us and us alone. Although when you place an order you will get order specific emails and occasional coupons and update information, our mailers aren't very frequent (unless you specifically choose to receive the daily Bible reading emails or other daily or weekly inspirational messages).  Each message that is sent has a one-click opt-out button which will permanently remove you from any of our mailings.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us concerning privacy or other issues. LLC