Bible Cards & Bookmarks - Assorted Pack Of 100 Bible Cards - Complete Set In Three Sizes

Assorted Pack of 100 Bible Cards - Complete Set in Three Sizes!

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Add Your Favorite Bible Verses to Your Daily Reading with this Assorted Pack of 100 Bible Cards in 3 Sizes

Do you want a great Christian gift that you can give someone you love or to pass out to friends and family? This set of Bible cards includes some of the most beloved and favorite Bible verses that people all over the world use as inspiration in their Bible reading plans and other areas of their lives. Each set comes with 100 bookmark-sized cards, which makes them useful for many purposes. There are three styles that give you a variety of options for enjoying this Bible card set.

There are many ways you can use this set of Bible cards in your everyday life. Whether you are bookmarking a current novel that you are reading, or your favorite pages of the Bible, every time you open a book, you can be reminded of your love for Christ! We have many customers who keep a set of our assorted Bible cards handy, so they can give them to guests, people they meet while out-and-about, and as gifts for children who are being raised with Christian values.

This assorted pack of 100 bookmark-sized Bible cards includes 1 to 3 each of the following cards: The Lord is My Shepherd, Faith Is, Faith Comes From Hearing, I Declare the Gospel, For God So Loved the World, Go and Teach All Nations, Enter by the Narrow Gate, He That Believes and is Baptized, Children of God By Faith and many more.

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Repent, Baptized, God, Love, Gift, Serve, comfort child, born, able, Kingdom, Jesus, Risen, grain, mustard, seed, footprints, sand, Lord, shepherd, Faith, gospel, world, teach, nations, narrow, gate, believe, baptized, baptism, children.