Bible Cards & Bookmarks - Assorted Pack Of 10 Bible Cards Plus Free Gospel DVD - Use Coupon Code FREEGIFT At Checkout

Free with Discount Code FREEGIFT - Assorted Pack of 10 Bible Cards Plus Free Gospel DVD - Use coupon code FREEGIFT at checkout

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FREE: Get one of these Assorted Pack of 10 Bible Cards & DVD FREE. (use discount code FREEGIFT at checkout to get this pack for free).

Use This Assorted Pack of Bible Cards To Express Your Faith!
For the same price of a cup of coffee, you can experience the joy of encouraging scriptures and learning the books of the Bible with these handy assortment of 10 Bible cards. These simple Bible study tools are a perfect handout or gift for family, friends, and members of your congregation. You can also use them to play Bible games or Bible trivia with your children. For instance, use the books of the Bible card to help with memorization, or use these as a supplement to your reading plan. Or, they can just be handy bookmarks for your Bible or any book on your reading list.

This set includes:

  • Gospel of Jesus Christ (2"x 6")
  • The Lord is My Shepherd (2"x 6")
  • We Will Serve the Lord (2"x 6")
  • The Fruit of The Spirit (2"x 6")
  • Christ and the Armor of God (2"x 6")
  • The Books of the Bible (2.75"x 8.25")
  • God Made Everything (2.75"x 8.25")
  • Steps to Salvation (2.75 x 8.25)
  • God Wants Us to Walk With Him (2.75"x 8.25")
  • God Wants Us To Talk to Him (2.75"x 8.25").

Our 10-pack of Bible cards also comes with a FREE DVD that walks the viewer through the Bible verses that explain critical components of the teachings of Christ. This is just one example of our affordable Christian gifts that we offer in our large online store. We also encourage you to take a look at the other items we offer, such as easy-to-read Bibles, water bottles and sunglass pouches, and many other practical gifts.

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