Grass Pattern Decorative Shower Curtain with Hooks

Grass Pattern Decorative Shower Curtain with Hooks

  • $38.00

Classy shower curtain with impressive grass-motive by FANCY-FIX

Fast drying, water-repellent and non-moldProduct characteristics:

The FANCY-FIX shower curtain has a CLASSY DESIGN making your bathroom a stylish place.

The 100% PEVA of this quality shower curtain is FAST DRYING, INDOROUS and WATER REPELLENT, making this shower curtain MOLDFREE.MAKE YOUR BATHRROM TO A HAPPY PLACECostumers from all over the world love FANCY-FIX shower curtains as they do not wash out, keep heat in the shower and protect your privacy while you enjoy having a shower after an exhausting day.With our classy designed shower curtain you can create a pleasant and classy atmosphere which will bring your stay in the bathroom to a new level.Assembly:The FANCY-FIX shower curtain is EASY TO INSTALL with it's 12 included quality hooks - without drilling and glue. Fast and easy.Mounting instruction is included.

Including:1x shower curtain with grass motive. (183 x 183 cm)12x hooks for suspending the shower curtain1x mounting instructionKlick now "buying"