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Holy Bible - Easy-to-Read Version [paperback] Bible League International [Jan 01, 2004]

  • $12.95

Don’t Let Your Vision Stop You From Witnessing Jesus

Are you looking for an easy to read Bible that is also easy to understand? If so, this paperback version of the Bible that spells out God’s word and plan is the perfect addition to your collection of Bibles. So many people avoid reading the Bible because it can be intimidating. We offer this Bible because it can be sold for less than $15 and it is a sturdy paperback that can easily travel with you anywhere. Now, you can finally achieve your goal of completing a Bible reading plan that takes you from the Old Testament all the way through the New Testament, without the squinting and headaches that can come with smaller print versions.

NOTE: For the larger print version of this Bible, shop here.

Our easy-to-read Bible can also make a great gift for seniors who are friends or members of your congregation. Giving a Bible to another person is the ultimate Christian gift, since it can result in ever-lasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven! Are you also looking for Bible study tools, such as reading plans or notepads for Bible study? If so, browse our online Christian gift store that contains countless handy products for all walks of life.

How Else Do We Spread the Word of God?

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