Signs & Decor - Sign - Hold Fast To God's Word In The Camp Of The Saints

Sign - Hold Fast to God's Word in the Camp of the Saints

  • $19.95

Rustic Sign - Surrounded by Evil? Hold Fast to God's Word in the Camp of the Saints. From Revelation 20:7-15


  • Handmade Rustic-Wood Sign - "Surrounded by Evil? Hold Fast to God's Word in the Camp of the Saints." Revelation 20:7-15
  • Revelation chapter 20:7-15 is God's reminder to Christians to hold fast to His word and remain in the camp of the saints (Jesus' church) so when the devil and all that is evil surrounds you, you'll know that you're protected by God and his mighty power. Sign Made in the USA.
  • Great decor item gift for all ages.
  • Encourage others with this handmade (made in the USA) rustic-wood sign.
  • Made from solid-pine wood that has been hand cut to size.
  • Wood is stained with a rich dark color and then the edges are sanded allowing for the natural-wood color to show through giving it a great weathered look and leaving smooth edges.
  • A saw-tooth hanger is installed on the back of the sign so that it is ready for easy hanging when you receive it.
  • Unique gift for all ages.
  • Remind children of good thoughts to have.
  • Great for teens, moms, dads, grandparents, adults of all ages.
  • Great gift item.
  • The perfect gift to show the more important things in life.
  • ITEM INFO: Sign measurements are 11.25 x 11.25 x .75 inches.
  • Lettering and designs are applied with satin enamel paint. A light coat of satin polyurethane is applied to seal the surface.
  • They may have minor imperfections such as knots and small cracks. These signs are made completely by hand so each sign will look slightly different and unique.