Unto Us a Child Is Born - Pack of 25 Cards - 2"x6"

Unto Us a Child Is Born - Pack of 25 Cards - 2"x6"

  • $9.85

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If you are looking for bookmark sized cards that can be great placeholders for your Bible reading plan, this is a great option. You can purchase this 25-card set for less than ten dollars. Plus, these are great to hand out to friends and loved ones. If you are planning a church event or want something to hand to guests at a baptism celebration, these Bible verse cards can liven up any occasion. These can also serve as nice gifts for Christian moms, seniors, and youth groups.

We also offer a complete line of Christian apparel, Bibles, home décor, and Bible study tools for believers from all walks of life. Take a few moments to browse our online Christian gift store for items that fit your life. Whether you are looking for a water bottle, wooden sign for your office, or a polo to wear to the golf course, we have you covered.

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At eThought, we are a family-owned and operated business that aims to promote our Christian values through the products we sell. But we want more than a purchase from you. We want to connect with you on a daily or weekly basis by sharing our devotional email. This message includes an inspiring passage of scripture that can brighten your day and you can forward to others who might need a boost in their day. You can learn more about us here, or visit our blog to find out about our Christ-centered gifts of the Holy Spirit.