Bible Cards & Bookmarks - When Jesus Comes Again - Pack Of 25 Cards

When Jesus Comes Again - Pack of 25 Cards - 2.75" x 8.25"; 2" x 6"

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This is a pack of 25 2.75" x 8.25" and 2" x 6" identical bookmark-size cards entitled: When Jesus Comes Again. A detailed look at the second coming of Jesus Christ and what the scriptures say about this day. (Made in the USA)

Use these cards to teach those who are lost about the second coming of Jesus. They can be used in different ministries including prisons and other outreach programs. The smaller size is great for mailing to friends and family you are trying to reach. 

There are those who are waiting for Jesus' return; the dead who are either in paradise or Hades and those who are still alive. The dead will be raised and all mankind will be separated into two groups and then judgment. There are two places prepared; either eternal life in heaven or eternal punishment in hell.

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